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Actually and factually, I owe my life to Scientology. Prior to becoming involved in Scientology, I was heavily dependent on drugs. I was killing myself. One day a friend told me about Scientology. It contains so much simple data that is immediately applicable in life. I gained the ability to face life and learned the power of real communication. Scientology helped me free myself from drugs and create a new life. – R.P.


[image] Developed by L. Ron Hubbard, the Purification Program is a carefully designed combination of exercise, vitamins, nutrition and use of the sauna to eliminate the harmful effects of drug and toxic residues on an individual. Once a person has been freed from these harmful effects he is in a far better position to improve his mental and spiritual well-being.

After doing the Purification Program it is TOTALLY real to me that the cumulative effects of prescription and medical drugs can be just the same, if not worse than, street drugs. I am now free of the effects of those toxins and all the other chemicals and pollution which I now fully realize were interfering with my spiritual advancement as well as my physical well-being. – C.H.


After almost dying from drugs, a friend told me about Scientology and I started a course. By the time I finished that course, I had started a new life of hope, improved self-confidence and greater sense of personal worth. Since then things have continued to go better and better, and I have achieved goals beyond my wildest dreams. Scientology not only saved my life, but helped me build a new one—one of trust and where I am the one in control of it. – K.F.

I had used drugs ranging from marijuana to freebasing cocaine as well as others in between for three years straight. I was failing in school, disliked myself and had absolutely no inkling as to what I was doing or where I was going in life. The only time I had “fun” was when I was high on drugs.

I then started the Purification Program and finished in two weeks.

I have been a changed person ever since! My IQ rose fifteen points from the time I started to completion of the Purification Program.

I am alive, I no longer have a fog around me—I can see what is really going on in my life rather than living in a “fairyland.” I have been off drugs for six years now and I am a productive person in the society.

The Purification Program completely changed my life. Many thanks to L. Ron Hubbard for caring enough to invest his life in bettering mankind. – G.S.

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